Car Accessories, Car Holder, Wireless Charging
Rp. 499.000,-
Rp. 399.200,-

Car Charger Wireless Fast Charging 3.0

Specification :

> Support Quick Charge Technology : Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
> IN : DC12-24V
> OUT : USB/Type-C : 5V3A, 9V2A, 12V1,5A
> Weight : 78g
> Size : 120*74*43 mm

Multiple Protection Features :

> Overcharge Protection
> Over-Insurance
> Overcurrent Protection
> Overvoltage Protection
> Power Protection
> Magnetic Field Protection
> High Temperature Protection
> Short Circuit Protection

Instructions :

> Fix The Product outlet clamp to the position of the air outlet of the car. It is easy to install and has a clip. The solid meshing jaw is designed to adapt to various road conditions. It doesn’t slip off and doesn’t fall.

The mobile phone fixed clamp arm is used for automatic infrared detection. When the mobile phone is close to the mobile phone holder, the clamp arm automatically open and closes, and the mobile phone is automatically clamped.

Insert the type-C charging interface into the charging socket on the back of the product, and insert the power supply that meets QC2.0 or above or the PD charging protocol at the other end.

> Place the phone that needs to be charged on this device. (please select a mobile phone that matches this device).

> Then the Car Charger will automatically charge your phone.

> During the charging process, you can make calls, listen to music and other mobile phone operations.

> Charging may cause the device to heat up. This is normal. Please feel free to use it.


Functional Introduction :


> The wireless charger is designed using the VVPC Qi V1.2 standard. Support: Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other multi-brand mobile phones.

> The product adopts the triangle stable design, the fixed mobile phone is irmly and doesn’t shake, and the card holder plus the ite-toothed silicone fixed mobile phone doesn’t hurt the machine.

> Using artificial intelligence infrared automatic sensing, the arm is automatically opened and closed, and the fixed mobile phone can be easily completed with one hand.

Using high-quality pure copper, thickening large coils, stable and fast, and continuous power on the slopes.

> Built-in smart chip, multiple protection functions, precise mechanism for filtering, for you to filter the danger, safe and fast charge doesn’t hurt the machine.