AirQuality Sterilizer / MESP Air Purifier 230V 50Hz 55W Applicable Area +/- 36m2
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AirQuality MESP Sterilizer Introduction

Not all air purifiers can be called Sterilizers
Air Sterilizer should be tested and certified strictly
Efficient sterilization and disinfection

  • Virus removal rate of 99,99%
  • Bacteria removal rate of 99,96%
  • PM 2.5 purification efficiency of 99%

What technology is so good?

“Micro-ElectroStatic Purifier ” is a new generation air purification technology.

AQ MESP technology is able to high effienctly kill viruses and bacteria with unique strong electric field. The sterilization rate for bacteria(e.g. white staphylococcus) is more than 99.96%. The average sterilization rate for viruses(e.g. H1N1) is 99.99%.

WASHABLE FILTER : The unique nano PP made filter is permanently washable with more than 10 years lifespan. The total running cost should be much lower than traditional media-filter products.

HIGH EFFICIENCY : Differing from traditional media filters, the pressure drop is low with MESP filters because there is no need to force air through a matrix of small air passages. The physics makes its higher efficiency and low energy consumption.

SAFER : The MESP filter works with about one micro-ampere (one millionth of one ampere) of current at 6-10 kilovolts, which always prevent from electric shock and production of ozone.

Product Feature

  • Efficient removal of PM 2.5, influenza virus, pollen, allergen and other paticulate pollutans
  • Release  negative Ion to keep refreshing the air
  • M8 (Option) methanal filter of Japan steadily adsorbs and decomposes methanal and other harmful chemical gases
  • “Surface design” of front panel expands air volume at the bottom and effectively purifies sedimentary pollutants at the bottom
  • Low running noise, as low as 34dB in silent mode, and even lower in sleep mode
  • Builtin particle sensor, indicator light displays air quality, automatically regulate air speed, and intelligent prompt of cleaning
  • Low energy consumption, safe and powersaving
  • Magnetic buckle panel is easy to disassemble, assemble and clean

Product Model                                                                          : KJ300F-01A
Power Supply                                                                             : 110~240/50~60
Rated Power                                                                              : 55W
Rated Air Volume                                                                     : 420 (m³/h)
Clean Air Volume (CADR Particulate Matter)                      : 300 m³/h
Clean Air Volume (CADR Formaldehye)                               : 100 (Optional)
Accumulated Particulate Purification Energy Efficiency    : P1 CCM Particulate Matter)
Purification Energy Efficiency (Particulate Matter)            : 5.4 m³/(W.h) (High efficiency
Purification Efficiency (formaldehyde (m³/(w·h)))             : 1.7(High efficiency)(Optional)
Area of use(m2)                                                                         : 20-25
Noise (sound power level)dB(A)                                            : 60 (High speed mode);34 (Sleep mode)
Shape size (width*height*thickness)                                   : 335x570x220 mm
Weight                                                                                        : 7.5kg
Anion content (PCs./cm³)                                                       : 10x105
Ozone concentration                                                               : <0.1X10-6%
Disinfection method and certification                                  : Electrostatic disinfection(1,2)(Sterilizer certification)
Bactericidal rate                                                                       : 99.96%(Staphylococcus albus)
Virus rate                                                                                   : >=99.99 (H1N1)
Sterilization efficiency                                                             : /
Product color                                                                            : White
Additional functions                                                                : (AMG3.1 linkage control is optional)
Types of protection against electric shock                           : II class
Product executive standard                                                   : GB15982-2012;WS/T648-2019;<> Ministry of health, 2002); Q31/0113000146C002-2019 (1) GB/T 18801-2015;GB4706.1-2005;GB4706.45-2008 (2) etc.