Infrared Thermometer Non Contact Body Thermometer
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1. Product introduction and classification

The product measures body temperature by adopting the infrared thermal radiation

from human forehead. Its operation is simple and sanitary, fast and accurate measurement. User only need to use probe alignment forehead and press the measuring key. A second will be able to quickly and accurately measure the body temperature. Widely used in school, hospital,families,customs.

The thermometer can also be used to measure 0 0C – 100 0C temperature of the object, but also widely used in agriculture, industry, food, petcrohemical and other industries.

This product is part of an internal power supply equipment, B-type application department points, protection class common equipment (IPX0). Not in a flammable anesthetic gases and air, mixed gas

Of oxygen or nitrous oxide used for the continuous operation of the equipment. Europa league classified as IIa classes.

2. The basic operating principle

Any object will release the energy of infrared radiation, the surface temeperature of the radiant energy directly determines the size and wavelength. Based on this principle, this product is designed to detect people body release energy wavelengths of infrared radiation 5-14um german high-precision infrared sensors, and through the exact calculation and various compensation correction, accurate measurement of the body temperature.

3. Product features

  • Germany high precision infrared sensor, stable and reliable performace
  • Strong adaptability to ambient temperature, can still be used normally in acomplex environment
  • The new proprietary probe sctructure to ensure more accuratemeasurement modes, mode switching a key operation, convenient and practical
  • Fever alarm, alarm point can be set fever
  • Automatically saves the last measurement value
  • Large-size LCD screen, high brightness white back light, display clear and soft
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit unit selectable two temperatures
  • Auotomatic power saving

4. Technical parameters

Measuring Range                                         : Body mode : 32oC ~ 42.5oC(89.6oF~108.5oF)

                                                                        Surface mode : 0oC ~ 100oC(32oF ~ 212oF)

                                                                        0-31.9oC +/- 2.0oC& 2%oC / 32-89.4oF : +/- 3.6oF

                                                                        32-35oC +/- 0.3oC / 89.6-95oF : +/- 0.5oF

Accuracy                                                        : 35.1-39oC +/- 0.2oC / 95.2-102oF : +/- 0.4oF

                                                                        39.1-42.9oC +/- 0.3oC / 102.4-109.2oF : +/- 0.5oF

                                                                        43-100oC +/- 2.0oC &2% / 109.4-212oF : +/- 3.6oF&2%oF

Resolution                                                     : +/- 0.1oC(32.18oF)

Measuring Time                                           : 0.5S

Measuring Distance                                     : 5-15cm

Memories                                                      : 32

Power                                                            : DC 3V (2 x AAA batteries)

Auto Shut-off                                                : 15 Seconds

Dimension                                                     : 150 x 95 x 44mm (L x W x H)

Weight                                                           : 125g(without battery)

Operating Condition Storage Condition   : 10oC~40oC(50oF~104oF), Realative humility

                                                                         0oC~40oC(32oF~122oF), Realative humility


5. Overall construction

1. Infrared probe

2. LCD screen

3.Down keys

4.Up button

5. Set button

6. Measurement switch

7. Battery compartment cover